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About Techno Flares

TechnoFlares is aimed to provide Computer Skills as well as Mindset Development, Jobs, Career Counselling, Helping Community (where anyone from anywhere can ask questions or Mentorship without any charges), Each week Professional Gathering takes place to share and improve Ideas, Business and Entrepreneurial Solutions, after Course Completion Job offers.

If you have completed courses from anywhere and want to earn or start career as Professional, TechnoFlares team is here to facilitate.

If you want to be hired and work with World Top Companies like Google, Microsoft or Amazon We collaborated with a Canadian Business Strategist who is working with Top companies who are always happy to help you out.

# Professional Training

Get job-ready for an in-demand career

Ms Office & Computer Basic

Computer Basics is Compulsory for any other IT courses or skills. In this course you will learn about Hardware, Software, Installation, Windows, Urdu & English Composing and Much moreā€¦

Graphic & Branding Design

Do you like playing with colors, shapes & images? We have a special course of Graphic Design where you can follow your interest & can start your career as a Freelancer in the digital world.

Video Editing & Animation

Amazed by movie effects and curios about the destruction of buildings, then here we are with these special Courses from planning to publishing & how you can earn passive income from it.

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Just creating a website or starting a business is not enough, Perfect & Applicable Marketing strategy is the backbone of that project, e.g. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & SMM.

Programming & Artificial Intelligence

Computer programming courses give you an extensive understanding of various computer operating systems. In these courses, you can expect to learn how to configure operating systems to work with various kinds of hardware.

Website & UX/UI

Creating a website with fully compatible and Responsive to the devices is also an important part of Perfect Web, So you will learn from Design to fully Responsive Website.

# Why Choose Us

Learn About TechnoFlares Institute

At TechnoFlares Academy you can learn skills you want to grow and earn passive income using your interest based skills. In our academy we focus on Mindset Development as well as skills.


Certificates & Diplomas

We created a easy follow and best courses outline so students can easily follow along during the course and earn passive income.

Career & Training

We at TechnoFlares academy are team of professionals and experts who are providing top notched training and courses in the city.

Bundle Of Ideas

Our team created some special and effective plans for our dedicated and passionate students who want to be succesfull.


Flarians are individuals associated with TechnoFlares, encompassing both students and team members. This vibrant community includes students engaged in TechnoFlares courses or programs, as well as professionals contributing their expertise and skills within the organization. Together, they form a diverse collective passionate about technological innovation, learning, and collaboration to make a positive impact.

As TechnoFlares is providing Mindset and Career Direction along Technical Skills, So we can say TechnoFlaresĀ  is a good choice for those who are willing to start Successful career.

It totally depends on the course you choose, every course has different duration.

For those students willing to be trained by TechnoFlares Trainers but can’t join Physically.

Yes! you can join any course you want to enroll.

Yes! it totally depends on the student whether he/she can manage more than one course at a time.

You have complete freedom of choice whether you want to join us and learn through job experience or want to work as a free-lancer.

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