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Graphic & Branding Design

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Graphic Design Course

TechnoFlares Academy offers a variety of IT courses in Faisalabad. All Computer Courses are designed to provide foundational computer education and Direction. These courses cover a wide spectrum of topics to ensure a comprehensive understanding of computer basics.

Our Courses and Trainings are  also Focused on Career Development. So, People of Faisalabad  can learn as well as Start their  career  with  their hard working along our  Direction

About Graphic Design

Graphic Design Field has a great opportunity for those who are Art lovers and for those people who like to play with different colors or images. In TechnoFlares Academy we have Most experienced Graphic Designer & instructor who is already teaching Graphic Designing since 2016 and had trained more than 1200 worldwide students and also have a great community on social media, these communities are specially created for Students, so being BTA student you can join that community as well as All training Benefits. In this course we will start with the Graphic Design tool ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CC, so during the class students can keep their intention.

Here is the Few of our Course Outline, this course could be best option for those students who had not completed their matriculation.

Nowadays, coming up with a job that does not require the use of a computer is difficult. For instance, Journalists use computers to search for information, graphics and edit text or video, the police forces use computers to track & store criminal records, while even a self-employed shoe salesman can use the computer to keep his customers, sales and inventory records with the help of spreadsheet software.

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