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TechnoFlares Academy offers a variety of IT courses in Faisalabad. All Computer Courses are designed to provide foundational computer education and Direction. These courses cover a wide spectrum of topics to ensure a comprehensive understanding of computer basics.

Our Courses and Trainings are  also Focused on Career Development. So, People of Faisalabad  can learn as well as Start their  career  with  their hard working along our  Direction

About Video Editing

Want to start a YouTube or Facebook Setup as a Content creator. Shooting the videos and then joining them together using a proper Storyboard and adding the right music with sound effects is very important, So, viewers can engage with the content and better understand. For High Reach, there are a bunch of things that could be considered like Hook & Engage. As nowadays Many people are earning money by creating Video Content and posting on Facebook & YouTube and working as full time Youtuber.

In this Brief Course you will learn and create High Reach and Engage Videos as well as Interesting Animations using Adobe After Effect & Extensions. We will add VFX to make Realistic and more engaging Video Content.

Nowadays, coming up with a job that does not require the use of a computer is difficult. For instance, Journalists use computers to search for information, graphics and edit text or video, the police forces use computers to track & store criminal records, while even a self-employed shoe salesman can use the computer to keep his customers, sales and inventory records with the help of spreadsheet software.

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